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TAS Project registration, plan review submittal, and inspections.

TAS project registration & TAS plan review

If you have a new project that needs to be registered  you will need to register the project online and pay the $175 registration fee directly to TDLR.   Click the link below to register and enter 1279 for my RAS license number. After you submit the registration form, the state will give you an option to print your receipt/registration.  Be sure to do that as this will give you your EABPRJ number.  Along with a full set of plans, you will need to submit to me a proof of submission form, the EABPRJ number, and the plan review fee.

If you are unable to pay online, you may submit the $175 Filing fee to me along with the project registration form, plan review fee, the plans and the proof of submission form.  However, this process will take longer to obtain your EABPRJ project number than it would be for you to register online.

Once the plan review has been performed, the owner and the architect or design professional will get a copy of the plan review report.

To request an inspection for your facility, I will need a request for inspection form.  The owner of the facility can either fill out this form, or designate someone as their agent.   If they designate someone as their agent, the owner will fill out the owner/agent designation form and then the agent can fill out the request for inspection form.  

These forms can be mailed or emailed to us at

Once the inspection has been performed, the owner and the agent will receive a copy of the inspection report.   If there are any deficiencies you  will send me a copy of the inspection response form once they are corrected.

Tas Inspection

If you register your project online, you will pay TDLR the $175 project registration fee.  If you want us to register the project for you, you will submit the $175 fee to Gulf Coast Accessibility.

For every plan review submitted with payment we will send you a $10 gift card of your choice to thank you for your business.   Just print out the coupon form and submit with your plans, required paperwork, and payment by clicking on the box below.

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